Thursday, July 6, 2017

Grandchildren and fiber art 2

We have this new grandchild, two months old today, who lives only two miles up the road, and we get to see her quite frequently.  The only problem is that almost every time we see her she's asleep.

Her parents will call us and say "She just woke up, and we just fed her, and she's all bouncy and wide awake, how about if we bring her over right now?"  But when they arrive, fifteen minutes later, she's back asleep.  We'll take turns holding her, poking her cheek and wiggling her arm and even putting a cold glass against her tummy, but she just dreams on.  It's gotten to be a big joke in the family.

So here's the doting grandma, tired of wake-up games.  Some day the kid will be running around this very living room talking a lot and leaving her toys underfoot.  For now, give me my crocheting and a glass of wine.


  1. Adorable! She looks like a doll.
    And that roll of crochet looks mighty impressive.
    Vancouver Barbara

  2. This little girl knows how to sleep! Very sweet.

  3. Ha, Ha, Ha! So funny. Thanks for a good chuckle, I needed that. Darling little girl.