Thursday, July 27, 2017

Strip piecing at QBL

I'm teaching at Quilting By The Lake this week, two days of strip piecing and three of fine lines.  I was really pleased with the compositions that people did with strip piecing!

First, each person made six strip-pieced panels according to specified color recipes.

Then they cut up and reassembled the panels.  Some started at the edges and worked inward, while others went from the bottom up.

Some people cut their panels on the diagonal, some stuck to rectangles.  Two very different feelings.

Lots of good work!


  1. I love it. They made great quilts. I don't think they dyed the fabrics?

  2. Wonderful. So exciting. Wish I were there.
    Vancouver Barbara

  3. Last week I walked past your classroom - it was all quiet waiting for you to show up! I thought wow it looks so plain now but next week it will be an explosion of color! This class is looking great!

  4. These are wonderful. Which lake? Do you post your teaching schedule?

    1. Originally it was Cazenovia Lake, in upstate NY -- QBL is sponsored by the Schweinfurth Art Museum in Auburn. Now it's held in Syracuse.

      I don't have an extensive teaching schedule for public courses, mostly go to guilds and groups who invite me for their membership. (If you would like to invite me to your guild or group, I'd be happy!)

  5. Thanks so much for the Improv and Fine Line workshops this past week. I had a wonderful time learning new techniques, and I cannot wait to finish the projects that we started. It was a pleasure being in your class.
    Karen Green