Monday, August 21, 2017

Grandchildren and fiber art 3

Several weeks ago I posted a photo of Vivian asleep while I crocheted.  At the time, she had spent practically all of her time with us asleep, a source of frustration to grandparents who wanted to play with her.  But I predicted that pretty soon she'd be up and about.

And sure enough, she's now awake.  My dear friend Uta Lenk from Germany, whom I met years ago at a quilt workshop and have been close with ever since, is visiting the States this month and brought her knitting along.  We noticed that Vivian seemed transfixed by watching Uta knit -- was it the click of the needles, the light reflecting from them, or just the repetitive motion?  Whatever, she watched Uta intently all evening.

Uta promised to come back and teach Vivian to knit when she's old enough.  Uta learned when she was six, taught by her grandmother who rewound balls of yarn to include coins and little toys, an incentive to keep going.  What a great idea!  Only five and a half years till we can try it with another little girl.


  1. what a great incentive to persevere with knitting. I think sewing machine skills are much easier to teach.

  2. My great-aunt taught me to crochet when I was eight. (She made a table cloth to fit a table twelve feet long that no one in the family has.)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. And today, Uta arrives here atop this mountain! I'm so glad we're connected this way. (What a surprise Uta is in for, though. No time to knit 'cause I have other things for her to do . . . like sewing sleeves onto the backs of project quilts headed to Houston! Shhhhh. Don't tell her, though. She might decide to bypass me and head straight back to you.)

  4. My friends Mom taught me and 2 others to knit when we were 6 years old. She also taught our entire Brownie troop to knit? I still have that first set of single pointed knitting needles.