Thursday, October 5, 2017

A rail fence quilt

There's nothing more gratifying, if you have written an article or a book, given a speech or taught a class, than to have somebody tell you they used what you said to make something nice.  So it was great to find an email from Diane Lewis with a picture of a quilt she made from the ideas in my book, Pattern-Free Quilts.

She wrote: "I stacked fabric rectangles and cut them into four pieces, then swapped the fabrics around and reassembled them to form diagonally striped blocks, which I laid out in an abstract mountain lake pattern.  Thanks for the inspiration!"

I like the three different ways Diane has arranged her striped blocks.  In the center, the mountains are made with a regular pattern to make peaks and valleys.  In the sky, the diagonals all slope gently in one direction or another, but two down-slopes might be adjacent, giving the impression of clouds and breezes.  In the lake, the diagonals go every which way to make waves and currents.

Subtle, and very effective!  And thanks to Diane for reading the book, and making such a nice quilt, and  sharing the photo!


  1. I love the way she has organised to blocks, too

  2. That's a very cool quilt. I need to read your book again!

  3. She did a great job. I have your book. I always make "pattern-free" quilts because I design my own. But I've yet to make the rail-fence quilt, as intriguing as I always find them. Still on my list... :)

  4. Your book is laying next to my bed. I get much inspiration of it, but no quilt yet. Thanks for sharing this picture of this nice quilt.