Saturday, April 10, 2010

Looks a lot like selvages

One of my regular readers, Elena, just put a comment on an old post where I was talking about my quilts made out of selvages.  I said I love selvages because of all the printing on them.

Elena provided a link to a cool new wallpaper, introduced this week, that incorporates recycled newspaper, with the printing still visible.  It reminded her of my selvage quilts, and of course I agree!

wallpaper -- "Newsworthy" by Weitzner

selvage quilt -- "Jaunty F" by Loomis

Elena read an article in the Los Angeles Times.  When I checked it out, I recalled that I saw an article on the same product in the New York Times.

This has my head spinning tonight!  Don't know whether I want to go make another selvage quilt, or make wallpaper out of some selvages (it would probably last a lot longer than the wallpaper made out of newsprint).

Thanks, Elena, for the link!


  1. Very inventive! (the wallpaper AND the quilting!)

  2. The article on the wallpaper is interesting. I've seen wastebaskets and boxes made out of rolled newsprint and I made boxes covered with rolled pages from magazines as a child. It's just a technique. It's what you do with the technique that is the important part.

    Your constructions using the selvages to create type in specific fonts is a multi-layered use of the technique. The wallpaper is wallpaper. Nice wallpaper, fun wallpaper, but wallpaper.

  3. You're welcome, Kathy.
    I agree with Terry, it's wallpaper. Meant for background. Despite similarities, the wallpaper is not art. Only artful. Your work is art.