Saturday, May 15, 2010

April quilt date report

Last month’s quilt date was a technique for piecing very thin lines. Here’s what Sandy Ciolino did with this technique, in a quilt called Fractures #2. I like the double meaning of the title: not only has she fractured the ground and put it together with skinny piecing, but she has further fractured the finished piece.

Sandy asked me whether I felt her work was too obviously derivative of mine. I told her that at this point yes, her work seems clearly related to mine, but she should keep at it and in a short time she will no doubt start developing her own twist on the technique. After all, what’s proprietary about cutting apart some fabric and sewing it back together?

Already Sandy is doing something different in how she has cut apart and reassembled the pieced sections of her quilt, and I hope she sticks with the series and continues to explore new ideas.

And stay tuned -- I'll introduce you to the May quilt date later today.


  1. Love Sandy's quilt! Looks like a fun technique. Do you teach it?

  2. I will be teaching it in Japan this summer but haven't gotten any gigs for the US. Want to hire me?

    You can read the April quilt date post and get most of the technique, just not my charming personal presence.

  3. Thanks for the info Kathy! I missed that post back in April.