Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Daily Art Challenge -- Beth Haendiges

Another of the people who took up the daily art challenge in my local fiber art group was Beth Haendiges. Beth works in mixed media and collage, and her daily art was also largely in this category, although she also did some needlefelting and embroidery. Her plan was to make a piece every day at artist trading card size.

Beth started with a one-month commitment and subsequently renewed her vows. “Doing the art every day, I’d pull out of whatever funk I was in,” she said. In addition, she regards the small pieces as aids for future art brainstorming. “This is my idea box.”

I like the concept of an idea box! I think I like it even more than a sketchbook because a box full of separate cards can be dealt out and arranged differently every time you play with them. We all know how things take on different aspects depending on what they’re standing next to – every time we repaint the living room I rearrange the artwork, and when that happens I always see something new in pictures I’ve owned for years. With your idea cards in a box you have the ability to pull out one at a time for contemplation, or pull out several and experiment to see if you find any synergy.

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  1. Yay-I loved those cards! Sallie and I hogged them for a good 15 minutes during the meeting until Mary smacked me on the leg and told us to fork 'em over.