Sunday, May 29, 2011

Collaboration project 4

My art theme for the year is collaboration, and today kicks off my fourth such project.  This time my partner in art is Linda McLaughlin, whom I have never met in person although, as you may know from reading my blog, we are twins separated at birth.

Both Linda and I have been posting daily photographs on our blogs for many months.  In the first year of our respective projects, we used photos that had been taken that very day, which made for a powerful incentive to get out there with the camera and take a walk, whether we felt like it or not.

Both of us, having completed a year of daily deadline pressure, decided to continue to post a photo every day, but changed the rules to make it slightly easier.  Now our photos can be taken that day, or found in our archives.  For me at least the new rules have led to new possibilities, as I have gone through old vacation photos to find interesting shots of faraway places.

But after all these months, I think both Linda and I are ready for a new twist on the formula.  So we've agreed to have occasional theme weeks, in which we'll both be posting on the same subject.  Linda chose the subject for this week, architectural details.  So please check out her blog as well as mine, and see how two artists on opposite sides of the country respond to the same "assignment."

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  1. I like your ideas to do things daily and themes. It will keep you going even if you don't feel like that day. And you are certainly very creative and encouraging. I think I'll take up the cause as well. Thank you. Brenda