Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new flag

My last flag, attached on a cheesy wood pole to a cheesy plastic bracket on the side of the house, bit the dust several months ago.  The flag itself had gotten faded and torn; then the plastic bracket broke.  For a while I made do with little temporary flags, $1 each at Walmart, stuck into the ground by the sidewalk, but they bit the dust too.

But today I am in heaven!  My birthday present to myself was a flagpole.  It's a clever design -- instead of raising and lowering the flag, you raise and lower the pole.  The five-foot sections telescope, so you raise one section at a time, then twist a bit and let it settle and lock into place, or do in reverse to get the pole down.

Here's what it looks like in low mode.

The flag attaches with brackets rather than with a rope.

Then send it skyward!

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