Saturday, December 6, 2014

Disrespected again

It's been a while since I encountered one of those totally off-the-wall, in-your-face rude remarks from an ignorant jerk who thinks handicrafts are the epitome of irrelevance, so it was probably a good thing to get my periodic bucket of water dumped on me.

This one came from an unexpected corner, an article in our local magazine about philanthropy.  It was one of those too-clever "flow chart" features that purports to help you decide which local charity you should contribute to.  It starts out by asking "Do you like people?" and if you say yes, you get three choices:  helping kids, helping whole families, helping overseas.  With each choice, the arrow directs you to a box with several charities.

The flow chart continues; if you don't like kids, how about animals? (Humane Society)  If not, how about trees?  (arboretum)  How about the arts?  (orchestra, opera, ballet, etc. etc. etc.)  Not nearly enough to fill a two-page spread, so we have lots of smart-ass sophomoric "repartee" to take up some space.

Finally we have made our way through every local charity they could think of, and getting back toward the starting point.  "Does injustice piss you off?"  If you answer "Fuming just thinking about it." it points you to the ACLU.  But if you answer "Nope." the next box reads, "Fine.  Here's what you're gonna do.  You're gonna donate to the local chapter of the Embroiders' Guild of America."  And to add insult to insult, they misspelled it!  (It's really Embroiderers', of course.)

Yuk, yuk, LOL!  Isn't that a thigh-slapper?  Isn't that the most bizarre and stupid thing you could possibly think of for a final put-down?

We are not amused.


  1. Well, you must live in Louisville because I read the same flow chart yesterday and was completely befuddled by such a stupid, out of left field remark. Sigh. It won't slow me down though. Fiber pride!

  2. Really?? Really?? This was actually in a magazine?? Really????

  3. I don't even get this. Is an Embroiders' Guild even a charity?