Thursday, May 14, 2015

FNF 3 -- award of excellence

The second award of excellence at Form, Not Function went to Sara Drower of Wilmette IL for a tiny piece (maybe 12 inches wide) based on phototransfer.

Sara Drower, Quilted Construction #2 (detail below)

I apologize for the bad photo; the piece was framed under glass, which made it difficult to see the beautiful details, and even more difficult to take a photo.  Had I bought this piece (I didn't -- somebody beat me to it on opening might) I would have immediately taken the glass out of the frame.

It's a photo of a construction site, strewn with miscellaneous debris, which is rendered on the quilt with tiny beads and metal springs; the machine quilting enhances the grid format of the new construction and the city in the background.

I was delighted to see a small piece win a major award.  Although I personally love to work huge, and believe that size adds to impact, I think too often small pieces are overshadowed by big ones and overlooked by viewers and judges.

And this piece is exquisite.  Except for the glass.

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