Friday, May 29, 2015

Quilt National 4 -- representational (nature)

Looking at loose realism -- today, quilts having to do with nature.

Ginny Smith, Roundabout

Jeanne Gray, Seasons End (detail below)

Lou Ann Smith, Leaf 2 

Karen Tunnell, Ghost Trees

Barbara Schneider, Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 11 (detail below)

The tree sections are dramatically shaped, extending maybe four inches out from the wall.

For all those folks on the SAQA list complaining how there is so little representational work in Quilt National, stay tuned for at least two more posts on that subject!


  1. These are wonderful. I love the hen and chicks. (Or mother bird and chicks.)

    1. If I remember right from her gallery talk, it's a big red cardinal being crabby toward the small birds.

  2. Hi Kathy, thank you for rounding up these works that reference reality in one form or fashion. Any style of artwork has the potential to be engaging and it's nice to see that QN is open to representational and abstract work as well as non-objective (i.e. no subject is depicted). I recently took a workshop with a fine arts prof who said the meaning of these terms has shifted over the years, so one person's "abstract" is another's "non-objective."