Monday, May 4, 2015

The Mending Project 3

I did my first shift as a volunteer for The Mending Project last week, and it was not particularly edifying.  I guess when it's a gorgeous spring day outside, museums always suffer, although we did have 10 or 12 people wander through -- none of them bringing garments to be mended.  I gave each of them an explanation of what the project is about and urged them to come back and bring something to be fixed.

In the first two days of the project they acquired and mended a dozen garments, most of which appeared to be owned by museum staffers, which is fine, because it would be embarrassing to sit there with nothing on the table.  I was there on the third day, and peeked at the ones that had already been fixed.

You call that a successful mend???

Whoever mended this sweater apparently got tired halfway through, so I went back and finished the job.  That was the only mending I did.

Fortunately I had brought my own art project to work on, one of my knotting constructions.  I decided to incorporate some of the shiny polyester thread from the Mending Project into my knots.

So it wasn't a wasted afternoon, but I hope there will be more activity in the future.  You know, if a performance art project happens in the forest, and no performance actually takes place, is it really art?

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