Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The perfect Christmas gift?

I bet you know somebody who really needs to receive my new book as a present.  Let me describe her (although it could also be a him):  She makes quilts, or wants to make quilts, and therefore goes out searching for a pattern.  If you were to suggest that maybe she could make a quilt without finding somebody else's pattern, she would look at you askance.  Either she thinks that devising her own pattern would be way too hard, or she's afraid that if she did it the quilt might look awful.  Or maybe it never even dawned on her that there's an alternative to Other People's Patterns.

Well, this friend of yours needs my book.  And if you ordered a copy HERE it would probably get to her in time for Christmas.  Or at least New Year's.

Read more about the book HERE.

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