Thursday, April 12, 2018

Crabby three times from the same story

Yesterday I was crabby about a woman who looked really old to me being described by the police as "55 to 60 years old."  I submitted photos of women who are actually 55 to 60 years old, arguing that you can be that age and still look pretty damn good.

One of my readers took exception to my post, saying "I was not in the least offended by her being categorized as 55 to 60.  I WAS rather offended at you trotting out photos of 55-60 year old movie stars and celebrities as the benchmark for what that age range looks like.  Not my reality."

You're right, I should not have suggested that movie stars and celebrities should be held up as role models or reality benchmarks.  So I have gone back and amended my post.  No more celebrities.  Instead, U.S. Senators and governors.  You may want to go back and see how good they look. 

And Idaho, thanks for keeping me honest.


  1. Ha! I DO like your revised fifty year olds. You started off with my very favorite one, who frankly I did not think was that old, honestly. I see her interviewed a lot on tv so have seen her both perky and a bit bedraggled on rough legislative days. She always looks young to me, still in her 40s. Maybe it's because I'm in Idaho with a lot of women who spend a lot of time in the out of doors and perhaps that prematurely ages them, thus my comment of not my reality. Age can be deceiving if you're only going on looks and what one looks like when dressed up and wearing make-up (or caught on a gritty surveillance photo). But I get it. Personally I get crabby when police reports describe people as elderly once crossing into the 70s. Hardly!

    BTW, your first crabby post I totally agreed with. :-)

  2. Ha ha ha. I love your posts!!!!!

  3. I love the 'sweep' of Casset's Woman Standing. Thanks for sharing it. I read a story that John Lennon met Yoko at one of her art shows. It had a ladder you were meant to climb and read a word placed on the ceiling above. He did so and loved it and met her, etc. The word was yes. Don't know if this is true or not.
    Anyway, I think sometimes audacity comes into to play with these exhibitions, though I like them. I agree, that woman does not look like the age they mention.