Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Women / Impressionism 5

Almost done with my report on the "Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism" show at the Speed Museum in Louisville.  Most of the work in the show was portraiture, and there were several that called out to me.

Cecilia Beaux, Sita and Sarita (Woman with a Cat), 1893-94

You come upon this painting from a far distance, and I didn't even see the cat until I got a whole lot closer.  But how much the portrait sings when you do detect the cat among the shadows of her dark hair.

Amélie Beaury-Saurel, Into the Blue, 1894

Scholars think this is probably a self-portrait, which makes two strikes against Amélie -- a smoking artist!!!!  Scandalous!!!!!!

And finally, this exciting picture of a young girl, which was chosen for one of the poster images to advertise the show. 

Ellen Thesleff, Echo, 1891

Let's all imagine what she's shouting, what powerful words are echoing back to her.  I hope it's something more important than just calling the cows home.


  1. Thank you for these!
    I want to know why the woman with the cat has 2 fingers taped together. Has she broken one of them and the cat is comforting her?
    I think it is fascinating to examine portraiture where you can see there is a story.

    1. Sandy -- if you are able to zoom in a lot you will see that she is toying with the sash on her dress and has it wrapped around the two fingers.

    2. oh! Thanks, that answers the question.