Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Road trip

Over the weekend we trekked to Indiana for the opening reception of the 18th Annual Juried Art Exhibit at the Jasper Community Arts Center.  I've had work in this show a few times before and have always enjoyed visiting this small but pleasant gallery and its town.  And of course every fiber artist loves to have work accepted into an all-mediums show.

I had some major satisfaction out of this show, because my quilt Crazed 5: Camouflag received an honorable mention award.  I made this quilt in 2008 and it's reaching the end of its shelf life for juried shows, yet it had never been out in public before this spring.  To see it not only hung in a gallery but winning a prize was sweet!

I liked the way they hung this quilt and its sister, Crazed 6: Low Water, on invisible line about six inches out from the wall.  The quilts hung beautifully flat and cast intriguing shadows that moved just a hair as the quilts trembled in the breeze. 

I was a bit disappointed that the quilts were placed in strange corners of the room.  And that they misspelled Camouflag as Camoflag.  But that's being petty, I guess.

Among the other works in the show, I was intrigued by the way this large painting was hung.  Rather than stretched conventionally, the canvas was fitted with grommets and then suspended between big nails that went on an angle into the wood below.  Perhaps a way to display quilts??

Stephen Fessler, Plans for Parallel Worlds


  1. Grommets are a great way to hang odd shaped fiber pieces. I Enjoy your blog very much.Lucy

  2. Objecting to a misspelled name is not petty. It goes to professionalism and respect for the work, or lack there of. I'm old school, I think.