Friday, September 2, 2011

Vote for old ladies

I've written a couple of times recently about "Modern Quilting," a movement that seems wildly popular but difficult to define.  Several of you readers commented that it seemed reminiscent of the way we discovered quilting years ago when we were young, and that perhaps Modern Quilting is just a rebranding of a familiar old product to appeal to a younger demographic.

I promised to keep you posted on developments in my quest to get a handle on Modern Quilting, and that quest entails my regular reading of a new blog/magazine called Generation Q.  So Generation Q decided to have an essay contest, and I decided to enter.  Today the essays came up for votes, and I thought that in the spirit of shameless political pandering, which we seem to have a lot of this summer, I would ask for your votes.

Vote for old ladies!  Vote for the integrity of our vision of quilting and the things we've learned over the years!  Vote for the wisdom of hard knocks and the value of experience!  Vote for age before beauty!  Vote for the rights of the younger generation to follow in our footsteps, including thinking they invented it! 

VOTE HERE -- click and leave a comment to choose Essay #3 (in case you couldn't figure it out by yourself...).  You have to vote by midnight Sunday, September 4.   Both you and I could be in for serious goodies if we win.

Of course we won't win.  The younger people who love this movement and read this blog will outvote us.  But perhaps we'll send a message, as political panderers always exhort their followers to do.  And just what would that message be?  Heck, I'm not sure.  Remember, I'm the one having a hard time defining it.

Thank you for your vote, and I also promise to protect Social Security and Medicare.


  1. You've got my vote! Thanks for starting my day with laughs.

  2. Those modern quilters sound a lot like some of us 'old ladies'!

  3. Yup, us oldies gotta stick together. I voted fer ya!

  4. You have my vote. I enjoy your blog very much. This summer I went back and read it from the beginning,Great read.

  5. I just posted my vote and it looks like Essay #3 is winning.

  6. Just after voting for #3.. Think you're going to win this vote...

  7. Hi,
    I am a bit late for this whole "Modern Quilting" debate, but I want to share some toughts.

    I don't think this is so much about old x ladies, but more about what people want out of their experience as quilters.

    What I have seen of Modern Quilting is fun, very fresh, very basic and functional, but it is not trying to give messages or be art in the way that your quilts, or Nancy's, or Terry's, etc are. It is about homely, cosy and pretty. I really cannot see one of Nancy's quilts being a picnic rug for the kids.

    This is about ladies who are doing their craft and also making a little bit of cash by doing their blogs, teaching, selling patterns, fabrics and all that, while being busy mums and staying at home (and I am not saying that all of them are doing that, but a lot are). Some are very young and some more middle age with teens around, but I haven't come across much older ladies yet, so maybe there is a bit of the age thing...

    I for one love the not so precious attittude and generosity of this new lot and this is not to say that more serious quilters are precious and/or mean, but by being serious quilters they want a different end to their work. I don't think we would see animosity amongst the modern quilter's lot and the way Sew Mama took the comments that Sandi made show that.

    Sandi Walton had a point and I loved that she was able to express it and I loved even more the way her comments were taken on board and something good came out of it.

    My bottom line is: does it really matter? Do we all have to become artists and strive for more? Can some of us enjoy this wonderful craft just as a craft and aspire to have an end product that is just what it is: a quilt to snuggle under?

    Thank you for the debate. It will be very interesting to see how the Modern Quilt movement develops.


  8. Oh Kathleen, you are so delightfully mischievous! :) I am in hysterics after reading this post and flicking over to see all the votes for #3