Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recurring motifs 4 -- sunbursts

I guess sunbursts are a subset of circles, so I'll show them to you this week.

Sometimes I used a single round of stitches; other times I interlocked more than one round.

Sometimes the sun was bursting with french knots.

Sometimes it was filled in with needleweaving.

Update -- I'm linking to Off the Wall Friday -- you can check out what a bunch of other fiber artists are up to.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    thisi s not related to your post but rather to your enthusiasm for type. A friend alerted me to this one-a-week project and I thought I'd let you know as well.
    all best,

  2. Melanie -- guess what! I have signed up to participate in this project (but haven't finished anything yet to post). I'll let you know here when I make some progress.

  3. way cool. I'm flirting with it and may succumb.

  4. One of my goals of 2013 is to start hand stitching and embroidery.

    I love your sunburst, particularly your second french knots one :)