Monday, November 3, 2014

Leftovers again

You know I love leftovers, whether my own or somebody else's.  In fact, I probably love somebody else's more than I love my own, because I feel some mystical kinship with the woman who worked on this stuff in the past, even if I don't know who she was.  Whenever I have visited the Crow Barn I have brought home other people's leftovers as well as my own, and when I was there last month I was fortunate to score three big grocery bags full of fabric from other people's discards.

As usual, when I acquire a bunch of leftovers I can hardly restrain myself from digging in, sorting them out and sewing them together into some new configuration.  So when I needed to make a little quilt for the auction at Quilts=Art=Quilts at the Schweinfurth Art Center this past weekend, I dumped out all the bags and found enough different colors to make a little postage stamp quilt.

Alphabet Soup

My thanks to everybody at the Barn who donated leftovers.  If your fabric didn't get used up in the postage stamp quilt, rest assured it will be used soon in some other project.  I will get a huge energy boost from working with your bits and pieces; your karma will become part of mine.

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  1. How fun Kathy! I see some familiar bits and pieces! I am proud to be part of the flow of karma in your auction quilt.