Monday, November 10, 2014

Q = A = Q 4 -- more winners

Well, you knew that I couldn't be a juror without finding some great pieced quilts to put in the show.  Much as I enjoy seeing the wide variety of surface design techniques and the imaginative use of applique, I get all misty at the sight of a neatly pieced quilt, nice and flat, all the raw edges sewed under, preferably enhanced by careful quilting.

Kathleen Probst, Dipped Dimension, 47 x 40" -- Juror's Choice

What could be simpler -- or more elegant -- than two forms in conversation, one somewhat ominously descending into the other one's territory.  Only five seams in the whole quilt, but perfectly matched where the yellow one "dips."

Andrew Steinbrecher, Line Study #1, 42 x 56" -- Honorable Mention (detail below)

As a lover of piecing AND a lover of stripes, I had to give this one a prize.  The stripes came from vintage sheets, and I sure wish I had been in that Goodwill store before Andrew got there!  Or maybe they came from his mom's linen closet.  I liked the way the pastel striped fabric was combined with dark solids to make a wild, strong abstract composition, enhanced by the jaunty curved bottom edge. I'm waiting for more in this series.

Kate Stiassni, The Seven Spirits, 40 x 67" -- Honorable Mention (detail below)

Kate had two quilts in the show, both pieced, and my fellow juror, Valerie Goodwin, and I argued for a while back in September over which one should be accepted.  We compromised and let them both in. Valerie liked this one better, and since she couldn't be there for the opening, I made this award for her.  The solemn palette, with its several different grays, gives a bit of mystery to the strong structural image; the close values of the deepest blue and purple vibrate on your retina.

And by the way, here's the quilt I liked better:

Kate Stiassni, Opposites Attract, 40 x 47"

Great color choices, especially the orange against the green; almost-but-not-quite symmetrical composition; unconventional shape; strong figure-ground tension.  I see huge doors opening in the center.

I'll write more about pieced quilts tomorrow, because there were lots that I loved.  Meanwhile, Quilts = Art = Quilts continues at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn NY, through January 4.  It's certainly worth a visit if you're anywhere nearby.


  1. Thank you for the nice comments about my quilt and for the prize!

    As for the stripes... I'm a huge thrift store/vintage lover, so whenever I see striped sheets I always buy them. Mostly because I can't find stripes at fabric shops.

    1. Andrew -- I thought the same thing (no stripes, just polka dots in the stores) and despaired at how I would ever make more striped quilts. Then somebody told me about which this evening claims to have 5,651 different stripes on hand. They enabled my latest very large striped quilt and in fact I now have enough stripes for at least a half dozen more.