Friday, June 30, 2017

Mile-o'-handwork 3 -- the installation

The wall of the gallery that the mile-o'-handwork had to occupy is a strange one: it's pierced by two windows that connect the back room show gallery to the front room sales gallery.  The show committee arranged five of my cakes and three much larger ones of Debby's at the base of the wall, and unrolled enough to make several vertical drapes up and down in front of the windows and on the wall.

I was happy to see the strips on display, but not happy with the overall effect.  I keep thinking I wandered into the janitor's closet and found a bunch of mops, buckets and vacuum cleaners standing there, with their hoses and handles inexplicably reaching up to the ceiling.  I think I'll embargo this project until I get a whole lot more work made, and when it does come out again in public I think I'll keep way more of the cakes rolled up and a lot fewer strips stretched out across space.  So all in all, a valuable experiment, and lots of ideas for the future!

By the way, here's a close-up of Debby's knitted strips.

And here's a close-up of my crochet.

I'll show you some of the other work in the show next week.  Unfortunately the show comes down today so it's too late for me to urge you to drop in.  Had I not been out of town I would have gotten there earlier in the run.


  1. good you got it shown. Wonderful how showing reignites the enthusiasm.
    I have a 3D piece a net I made with dead fish (sewn not real). I did not like the way it was hung but I also knew I could probably not have done better. It is so interesting the way people group work and display pieces in exhibitions. We all have our own ideas

  2. I've not pursued 3d until recently after an experience where a structure based on a Roman vase looked like a tatty lampshade when hung!

  3. How about this display idea?

  4. I would also not be pleased with the way this was exhibited. SO much more could be done with it.