Friday, September 8, 2017

Hello to the new gallery...

Yesterday was the first day that Pyro Gallery's new space was open for business, and after it closed for the day we gathered for champagne to celebrate.  We took possession of the new space 12 days ago and it's been a flurry of moving, painting, and hanging the new show.  Although there's plenty left to be done -- almost half the space is still under construction, and we don't expect that finished until early next month -- it's great to see the place clean, sparkling white, extremely well lit, and with art on the walls!

Come visit if you're near Louisville -- our new address is 1006 E. Washington St.


  1. Wow, congratulations Kathleen!
    Is this a co-operative space? It looks fabulous. xo

  2. Yes, it's a co-op gallery with 22 artists -- been in existence 15 years but I just joined last fall. It has really energized my art practice!