Friday, September 29, 2017

Not crabby at all this week

I was crabby last week trying to do entries where the system seemed eager to block me at every turn.  But I'm happy to report that one of the shows has already done its jurying -- perhaps the fastest jurying in modern history -- and one of my flags has gotten in.

Fading, 2016, 59 x 99"

The show is the 45th Mid-States Craft Exhibition at the Evansville Museum in Evansville IN.  I'm always thrilled to have fiber art accepted into an all-medium show, although this one, being a "craft" show, is more accurately described as almost-all-mediums -- ceramics, metal, textiles, wood, enamel, glass and mixed media, but not painting.

I've been in this show once before and was sadly prevented from attending the opening festivities because I was awaiting emergency surgery the next morning.  I've not even been inside the museum, despite having both dropped off and picked up my quilt for that show, because the place was under renovation and I arrived at an off hour and I think some other obstacle as well.

I'm hoping for better luck this time around!

My big question now is whether the museum will let me display the quilt the way I did at Pyro Gallery earlier this year, simply nailed to the wall, or whether I'll have to add a sleeve and supply a rod.  I loved it nailed to the wall -- so flat, so smooth -- but we'll see whether the museum staff is up for the challenge.

The show opens December 10.


  1. I'm glad you got this quilt in the show. I must confess, I'd be cringing at nails through a quilt (or anything) that I'd put so much work and thought into, unless it was a planned hole. Maybe they will nail it again if they can find and use the same holes as the first time.