Thursday, September 12, 2019

Calligraphy update -- sea songs

I wrote earlier in the year about a project I did with calligraphy for the "home" show at PYRO Gallery.  I found a bunch of songs that had the word "home" somewhere in their lyrics, and wrote them into a book that was illustrated by photos of front steps.  I thought I might try to do another book along the same lines, except this time using the word "sea."  Now I need to go through my bazillion photos from our various ocean voyages and find the best ones for the book.

As with "home," it wasn't too hard to find lots of songs with the magic word.  What surprised me was how much overlap there is with songs containing both "home" and "sea."

Maybe I need to make a book about "home" and "sea."  Will have to keep on the lookout for houseboats to take pictures of.

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