Saturday, September 21, 2019

Last week on Art With a Needle

If feeling sorry for yourself qualifies as performance art, I had a very arty week.  Trying to not walk around any more than necessary on the broken ankle, I read books, did computer work and made all my daily miniatures from the same small pile of beads, wire and clay.

Vivien asked whether it's my sewing-machine foot that's immobilized -- the answer is no, I could do the foot pedal (if I took off my artificially-heightened shoe, currently wearing a clever soleplate to make me as tall on the good side as the boot makes me on the bad side).  But the intricate piecing that I'm doing on my crossroads quilts requires a lot of up-and-down, walking from the sewing machine to the worktable every few minutes for more cutting and pressing, just the kind of activity I'm trying to avoid.   And thinking up a new project that would require plain old sitting-at-the-machine time seems daunting.

Several readers left comments echoing my disgust with the "clever" book titles featuring dirty words, or rather, the same dirty non-word.  Shasta said she thinks she read the one about cleaning up, "or maybe it was one with a similar title with a different curse word about cleaning."  That rang a bell with me, and two seconds online came up with these two oh-so-clever-and-daring books:

What I find amusing are the genteel asterisks.  Why bother, since your objective is obviously to prove that you know a four-letter word and are eager to say it in public?  Not very original, ladies.  (and did you notice the clever nom-de-plume on the second one?  Messie Condo?  give me a break)

Here's my favorite miniature of the week:

As always, you can check out all my daily art -- both miniatures and calligraphy -- at my daily art blog.  Thanks for reading; thanks for commenting!


  1. I'm pretty sure nothing in a book with these titles will "Change My Life" but I would guess that I have a thing or two to teach these authors.
    xx, Carol

  2. Yes I think it might have been the Sarah Knight one. Notice the cover says she has two other books with curse word titles too. I was looking for a audiobook yesterday and came across several other titles with cuss words. I guess it is a thing now.

  3. Glad to hear it's not your "driving" foot. And the shoe with the lift is a really good idea. I've never seen one before but it makes a lot of sense.

    As for the book titles, well.. a sign of the times?

  4. I wonder if there isn't some obscure law that requires substitutes for the full spelling of some words on book covers? You know, like the 7 forbidden words on TV that George Carlin had a whole routine about. I have a book like this about saying "no" to other peoples requests. It has the * in the vulgar word on the cover, but uses it spelled out inside.

    I'm glad it's not your driving/sewing foot that's hurt. I'm glad it's not me in that raised shoe, I'd probably twist that ankle in addition!