Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Does nothing last???

I've been using fabric paints for decades and have accumulated 25 or 30 bottles of Setacolor, my favorite brand.  They never seemed to go bad, and have been my go-to stuff for printing my wood and metal type, either onto fabric or onto paper.  I haven't used any in years, but they're still there at the ready.  Last week I wanted to use some type in my daily calligraphy, and grabbed the first couple of bottles from my stash.

And much to my surprise, two out of the three bottles had broken apart in exactly the same way!

I can't imagine why this would happen.  If I had just screwed the tops on too tight, surely I would have noticed them breaking in my hands.  Maybe it was a gremlin.

I peeked inside and the paint still seems to be viscous; I will experiment to see if it's still usable.  Meanwhile the third bottle seemed a bit thicker in consistency than the paints were to begin with, but it worked just fine.

The two busted bottles didn't have dates, but the third one did -- 2003.  Here's a shout-out to the folks at Pebeo -- you make one long-lasting product!!! 


  1. had this happen to one or two of mine. Old like yours.

  2. I've had the same thing happen to those paints. But, usually mine haven't split that badly, so the paint had gotten thicker, but I thinned with water and was able to use it.

  3. Yeah, I had that happen quite awhile ago to one of these bottles from an original set I bought perhaps around 2007. But it broke as I was putting the cap back on. I've had quite a few old plastic things fail on me and had come to the conclusion that, just like metal, plastic can experience fatigue as well, or perhaps a change in its molecular makeup over time. We think these things last forever (and in some state they do) but they are not immune to aging apparently. But it does make one wonder, why this particular brand and paint? I haven't had it happen with my Liquitex acrylic paints, which are equally ancient. But with them, I can tell it is a different type of plastic, not as hard and perhaps then not as brittle.

  4. I've had to toss all my paints. They didn't have split tops, just hardened colors. :(