Monday, August 26, 2013

Fiberart International 3 -- machine stitching

More work that I liked at Fiberart International, where dense machine stitching was quite the thing. First, three that were stitched onto a fabric base.   Interesting that the first one lies perfectly flat, the second is deliberately distorted by the stitching into 3-D, but the third seems as though it ripples and bulges more by accident than by design.

Ann Graham, City Square (detail below)

Susan Hotchkis, Once (detail below)

Gwen Lowery, Lightning (detail below)

Next, two stitched onto a disappearing solvy base, but looking like they are stitched onto air.

Kimber Olson, Community Center  

Apologies that my point-and-shoot camera couldn't focus on this image.  The detail show below gives you a much better idea of the wispy texture.

Rachelle Gardner, Unable to Divide (detail below)  

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