Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fiberart International 4 -- hand-stitching

I already showed you my favorite piece of hand-stitching from Fiberart International, an embroidery by Stephen Sidelinger.  Here are some more hand-stitched pieces that I liked.

 Mary Mazziotti, It's Just Not Safe (detail below)

Mazziotti found the images in an old pamphlet "obviously intended to terrify children into observing safety rules."  The captions include "Screeching brakes ... but too late ... Tommy is killed!" and "Only a miracle saved Mary's life and she will be seriously crippled!"  The pictures are executed in the familiar stem-stitch embroidery that I learned from my grandmothers, sewing over iron-on transfers.

Tod Hensley, Untitled  (detail below)

This is one of a matched pair of small embroideries, about six inches across, densely composed and stitched with a variety of images.

Roslyn Ritter, Love Letters (detail below)

Ritter embroidered the text from her father's letters onto her mother's 1936 wedding dress -- pure simplicity and pure love.

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  1. love love that Safe piece. I'm definitely drawn to the hand-stitched work more than the machine.