Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You saw the quilt, now read the journal

Last year I blogged about my quilt "Big Ice," made especially for the SAQA "Seasonal Palette" exhibit that is now on tour.  Part of the deal was that selected artists were to keep a journal of their inspiration and execution, which was on exhibit alongside the quilts.  Now SAQA has made many of the journals available online.

To read mine, click here.

Here's one of the Antarctic icebergs that inspired my quilt.

And here's the quilt.

To read the other artist journals from the show, click here.  Lots of different approaches -- some are almost entirely photos, others have a fair amount of narrative about process.


  1. Did you enjoy the process of journaling while you worked?

    1. If you read my journal you probably noticed that there was precious little journaling. I did take photos throughout the sewing process (which I would have done anyway) but I wrote the "narrative" at the end. I don't do journaling in the classic sense, nor do I do sketchbooks.

      Good thing they didn't expect me to produce a preliminary sketch, because my plans for a new piece are always expressed in words, not sketches.