Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paris museums 11 -- Orangerie

What a difference a few decades make!  From the still lifes of Cézanne (1870s - 90s) to the still lifes of Chaim Soutine (post WW1), and art history, like world history, has gone a long way.  After the war nobody much wanted to paint beauty any more; bleeding meat was a perfect metaphor for postwar disillusionment and angst.

Chaim Soutine, Boeuf et tête de veau  (Beef and calf head), 1923 

Chaim Soutine, Le Dindon (The turkey), 1925

Chaim Soutine, Dindon et tomates (Turkey and tomatoes), 1923-24

Chaim Soutine, La Table, 1919

Chaim Soutine, Le Lapin (The rabbit) , 1923-24

Chaim Soutine, Nature morte au faisan (Still life with pheasant), 1924

Chaim Soutine, Le Poulet plumé (the plucked chicken), 1925


  1. Strange. !

    By the way, I think the last 2 photos are the same.

  2. Sandy -- you're right. they're both the plucked chicken. when I get home Friday I will post the pheasant.