Tuesday, August 17, 2010

April quilt date report

A couple of people report they had fun with the April quilt date, piecing fine lines.

Sally Field sent a photo of a study that she hasn't quilted yet. 

"I have not been at my machine to really work at something for a long, dry period," she wrote.  "I tried your method of slice and splice.  I have made a small piece (about 18 x 14 untrimmed) and have had a good time with it.  I probably will not do much of this type of work but it did get me back to using the machine again."

"Definitely not my style but had fun with it.  Can see a usage for inserting small bits here and there.  Also I'm not a person who can do 'simple'.  I have to keep adding and adding.  Had a photographer years ago tell me that my quilts were intricate."

Here are a couple of images of Sally's quilts you might like to check out. Here hers is the third one on the page; unfortunately here you have to scroll down past 15 other artists to find her work, but you do get to go past some nice stuff on the way.    

I would say the quilt date has served its purpose for Sally -- you don't have to marry every guy you go out with, and if this got her over a dry spell then it sounds like a success.  (By the way, Sally, keep making more and more cuts and this technique could easily satisfy your desire for intricacy!)

By contrast, Sandy Ciolino liked the quilt date so much she's finished her third piece and is still working with the concept.

Sandy Ciolino, Fractures #3: Intersections

Thanks to Sally and Sandy for sending in these pictures. This seems to be the most popular quilt date so far and I'm glad that my boyfriend is making other people happy, too. I'm willing to share him!


  1. I'm really glad you are willing to share your monthly dates. They have made me very happy too. We haven't gotten quite as serious as Sally and Sandy, though. In all seriousness, you are very generous with your time and knowledge. It is much appreciated.

  2. Kathy,
    I just discovered your sharing of the " fine line" technique and have started to try it. So far I have never laughted so much at my inability to follow instructions. If I achieve something I will send you a picture.

    Caroline in Kentucky

  3. Caroline -- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!