Thursday, May 31, 2012


Longtime readers of my blog may remember that last year I resolved to do a bunch of collaborative projects with other artists.  One of those came about through a comment posted on the blog after I showed several quilts started in workshops and never finished.

The next day I found a comment that said,  "Something about the brown and black one speaks to me. Funny because I'm much more of a blue person than a brown/black person. So don't throw it away. You can always send it to me. VBG"

Brown Planet, on the wall at the workshop in 2005

The comment was from Norma Schlager, a quilter in Connecticut whom I knew only as a name on the internet.  To her surprise, I took her up on her offer, which I'm sure was not meant seriously.  But I sent her the quilt, and now she has finished piecing it.  I suppose she has now put more time into the piecing than I did to begin with, since I stuck her with all the fiddly work of making the bits fit together.

Brown Planet, finished by Norma Schlager, 2012

All that remains is the quilting, and I'm so glad she's doing that part, not me.  After all, I have a bunch of formidable quilting ahead of me already with new tops finished or almost done.

But I'm calling this collaboration a huge success.  And it has taken only seven years to finish.  Thank you, Norma!!!


  1. Thank you, Kathy, for letting me take it on. I only hope I can do it justice with the quilting.

  2. I am thrilled, wishing I had made it! This joint effort of the two of you was very successful. Congratulations.