Friday, May 25, 2012

Daily art -- progress report 4

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my daily stitching project and how I'm trying to practice making nice curves freehand.  I already showed you some of my worse efforts, so here are some of the better ones.

I almost always use coral stitch for lines and curves, because it gives a firm, even line and is very efficient in its use of thread (here's what the back looks like).

Overlapping circles are a favorite motif that I find myself doing over and over when I don't have a picture to draw.  I think they're getting much better with practice.


  1. These are wonderful, Kathy! And your curves look fantastic. From your photos, it's clear that you are hand-stitching the blocks as you go. How many per row? Are you arranging them in the same order that you complete them? Or random? Or is that information you will divulge at a later date?

  2. What neat, gentle curves and circles. You should feel good about how these look. How different from your usually geometric pieces. Yeah, I realize circles are geometric, too, but you get the meaning.
    Martha Ginn

  3. Sandy -- I'm arranging them like a calendar -- seven across, Sunday on the left to Saturday on the right so I'll be able to reconstruct each day of the year. Each month is stitched to the others with a different color thread. I plan to have four panels, three months apiece, but not sure whether the panels will be sewed together or hung side-by-side.

    Martha -- thanks for your kind words! I think the non-circular curves are probably more daring than the circles, but a bit easier to do. I'm enjoying all of them.

  4. The orange stitching on the grey is the one that calls to me. :)