Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creative Statements 3

More comments about the Creative Statements show at the Zanesville Museum of Art:

Lisa Quintana, Texture Study I: Found Objects (detail below)

I'm a sucker for the fabric equivalent of Arte Povera, made from old and distressed stuff that more rational people might throw away.  This small piece is an appealing blend of  different fabrics, hand- and machine-stitching, rust stains and little doodads.

And finally, two spectacular works of surface design.

Mary Lou Alexander, Justice #2: Until Justice Rains Down Like Water (detail below)

Since studying with Jan Myers-Newbury a few years ago, Mary Lou has been making beautiful shibori, which she sews into elegantly simple pieced quilts.  This one is in cheerier colors than others in the series I have seen.

Sue Cavanaugh, Ori-Kume #14 Rio (detail below)

Sue recently wrote a book called "Extreme Shibori," and that's an excellent description of her work. She stitches the work, paints it with dye, undoes the stitches (leaving many of the cut threads in place), paints again and then hand-quilts the whole thing together.

The palette is almost monochrome, the stitching is obsessive and the total effect is stunning.  Worth a trip, as the Michelin Guide used to say.


  1. Thanks, Kathleen, for these posts. I thought the exhibition you chose was stunning, and the Zanesville Museum is a beautiful venue.

  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to be "anonymous"!