Friday, May 4, 2012

Election Day for SAQA's public image

Members of Studio Art Quilt Associates were given a challenge today.

Seems that SAQA has struck a deal with Aurifil, the thread manufacturers, to have a special "SAQA Signature Collection" -- twelve colors of thread in a box, with the SAQA logo and a SAQA brochure, which will be sold as a fundraiser for the organization.  And "We need your vote to decide on which palette of threads best represents SAQA."

I love Aurifil, my favorite thread, so I thought this was a nifty idea.

And I love voting, so I went to the site and checked out the three palettes.

One of these is supposed to "represent SAQA."

This is a hard one.

Here's Set A.  Art quilters as pale neutrals, and a couple of grayed pastels.  Washed-out grannies, or Modern Quilters needing something for those huge expanses of pale background.

Here's Set B.  Art quilters as go-to-business gals, practical dark colors, not too dangerously bright or anything, with an off-white silk blouse -- but a touch of drama!!  Check out those variegated threads!!  Bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan!!

Here's Set C.  Art quilters as medium darks.  Not even jewel tones, let's gray down that gold and coral lest anybody get a headache.  Perfect for an afghan in your TV room.

Which one best represents SAQA?  Well, what do you think?

If you're a SAQA member, you should go vote here.

But whether you're a member or not, I'm interested in your vote.  And unlike SAQA, who wants just the vote, ma'am, I'm interested in your reasoning.

The SAQA voting doesn't close till next Tuesday so you have some time to think about it.  I'll continue to think about it too and let you know what I decide.  


  1. Of the three choices, C would be my choice even though right now I'm using lots of black, white, gray and other neutrals. The colors in C aren't the most exciting colors on the planet but I'm sure this was a group decision and I suspect the professional color stylist at Auriful had some say and they know these are colors that have a wide appeal....meaning they want to sale lots of thread.

    What would you have choose if you had been in the power seat?

    I do think the general idea of this is a good one. SAQA hooks up with a relative business and they both get something from the deal. SAQA gets some money and free advertising and Aurifil makes some money by attracting some new customers and creates some good will. Win-Win. xo, T

  2. I chose B. It is the only one with something that can accurately be called red. and also has a couple greens, a couple blues - one which might pass as purple, some orangish threads and some light and dark neutrals. no yellow, but a pink for odd occasions when you need it.
    Would I buy it? not sure. I have never tried that kind of thread.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. I picked C by default. A has too much white and cream for my tastes and the pink was definitely not saqa.

    B has variegated which I don't like. I don't like the look of it when used - much too regular change of color so the results are uninteresting and usually distracting.

    So by default I picked C.

  4. Ouch these colors do nothing for me nor am I a fan of the thread but as a member of SAQA I will vote for B because there is some variety at least. A little something for everyone?

    We are a diverse group with a range of styles and color palettes at least I hope so...

  5. None particularly appeal but I'd choose B as the most varied. Both A and C have very similar tonal ranges within them.

  6. I eliminated A right away....too wishy-washy for me. I was originally drawn to the colors in C, but ultimately voted for B because it has variegated colors, which I like to use.

  7. This is not a work of art you are choosing, but a practical, useful collection of threads. My first thought was not "which colors do I like?" but "which of these threads would I use the most?"
    For machine quilting, I would think A is the most useful.
    This from a woman who has 7 drawers full of thread, plus 4 peg racks of it on the walls. :)

  8. I chose B because it had more variety and contrast.

  9. As you said - this is a hard one. I haven't voted yet, and I don't know yet for which one I will vote. Because I think it is too bad really - Aurifil has such a WONDERFUL palette of threads that I immediately decided 'this is my kind of thread' when I first saw their color card. Indeed, it's not the only thread I use for quilting, but I still think their color range is exquisite, much better than can be seen in these three selections.

  10. I thought A was to weak, B too busy and a mish mash but C quite a bit more sophisticated. It seems to have more complex colors.
    Just my opinion. I, too, do not like variegated threads unless they are subtle, tone on tone.
    Ii love Auriful and with the large put ups there is no reason not to wind matching bobbins.
    I think the wide expanse of one color we see in these "modern quilts" is quite dramatic.
    C for complex, which SAQA members certainly are.

  11. B for the better turquoise colors! And I like to use some variegated colors for some projects.