Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Election Day

Today is Election Day, but while the attention of the nation is focused on Indiana and Senator Richard Lugar, those of us interested in art quilts are focusing on Studio Art Quilt Associates.  Yes, there's still time to vote on "which palette of threads best represents SAQA."  Next week, when the attention of the nation shifts to Nebraska, Oregon and Idaho, the suspense will be over.

When I wrote about this last week I said I was still undecided and wanted to hear what you all had to say.  The problem, of course, is that we weren't asked to vote on which box of threads we might want in our possession this summer, or which box is the prettiest, but which represents our organization.  Deciding which public face you want to put forward is a major decision for anybody, individual or organization.

To begin with, I like the idea of SAQA finding a sponsor in Aurifil; I agree with Terry that everybody wins in this kind of cooperative marketing.  And I was really glad that they chose to go with the manufacturer of my favorite thread.  Low-lint, beautiful colors, the best piecing ever.  (My ideal quilting lineup is to put Aurifil 40-weight on top, with 50-weight of the matching color in the bobbin.)

I agree with Terry that the colors weren't chosen at random; the "color stylist" working with the marketing team chose three combinations that are each trendy and appealing to buyers.  I agree with Sandy that the red in set B is a beautiful color, and who can live without red?  And with Marcia about the turquoise (she loves turquoise more than just about anybody I know.)

I agree with Lisa that the pink is so not SAQA.  But about that variegated thread -- we don't know whether these threads are sewing-weight or quilting-weight.  Although who would bother with a variegated thread just for piecing?  Anyway, Norma and Marcia both like them.

I agree with Mags and Lisa that B is the most varied set.  But Pam thought it was too varied.

I toyed with A, because I think it may be the most versatile set of colors for piecing, which is my thing.  Those pale neutrals are good with just about any color down to medium, and the dark blue would work well on medium darks or true darks.  (On dark colors you don't want to piece with matching thread, because it would be too hard to see if you had to rip out a seam.  So I use green thread on blue fabric, blue thread on black fabric, etc.)

I loved the red in B, and the beige and light brown were good too.  I could see myself using those colors frequently.

But in the end, remembering that I am choosing SAQA's public image rather than an addition to my own thread drawers, I went with C.  Speaking metaphorically, I liked the fact that the colors were complex rather than simple primaries.  I liked the mysterious purples and the brooding olive.  Let's don't be too naive and earnest to the public; I want my professional organization to be sophisticated and suave.



  1. Thanks Kathy. Very nice observations.

  2. I'm struggling with this...I was looking at it as what would sell the best? Since a portion of the sale would be given back to SAQA, I want the sales to be high...and thus, I was thinking perhaps A would be best....I haven't figured it out yet...