Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas ornaments 2

I don't always use my "signature" lettering style (which resembles the great typeface Optima) on my ornaments; sometimes I find pre-existing letters or typefaces to copy. 

These ornaments came from the year my dad died; Palatino was his favorite typeface so I printed the letters off the computer, traced them backward onto a stabilizer, put metallic thread in the bobbin, and machine-embroidered freehand so the letters appeared on the top layer.

Underneath the wire wrapping and the teabag overlay are press-on type letters (the real Optima, not my hand-drawn faux version).

I drafted my own letters on graph paper for these cross-stitch models, also for the bead-weaving ones below (which look especially gorgeous when the light shines through from behind).

Sometimes I used old type, either to print from (I apply paint to the type with a brush, then print the letter onto the fabric) or to emboss into Fimo clay.

Here are some ornaments using store-bought initials of various styles and materials.

Wood letters, about an inch high, enhanced with lots of wire curlicues and beads.

Plastic letters, with two holes so you could sew them onto your baseball cap or something.  I thought the holes looked tacky, so I affixed the letter to the background by wrapping it with thread and sewing through the fabric.

Alphabet beads.

I guess these count as store-bought, too -- the fancy embroidery fonts on my new-that-year Bernina 1230.


  1. Wonderful collection! I have enjoyed seeing you blossom (over night) into a great blogger! You're a natural. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  2. Noooo, don't give me so many new ideas! I have enough projects in my head to keep me busy for a year if I worked at them all day and half the night, and now you have me wanting to add beads to my ornament ideas, instead of the fabric paint and glitter I usually use.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. (WV above was "graci" reminding me to say gracias for this blog.)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  4. De nada, Mary Anne! I have gotten so much out of writing this blog and I am so glad that you are reading it.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!

  5. These are great. I've made ornaments through the years too.