Thursday, December 9, 2010

Separated at birth

Being an aficionada of daily art, I am always delighted to find a soul sister out there who is walking down the same path.  Almost a year ago I discovered Linda McLaughlin, who, like me, is a fiber artist and blogger who undertook a project of taking a photo every day and posting it on the web.  Linda's photo is usually posted by the time I get to my computer in the morning, so that has become the first thing I look at for the day.

Linda explains her project:  "This blog is dedicated to my Mom who passed away five years ago today [she started the project November 30, 2009]. When I received my first camera about fifty years ago, I was reprimanded because I took a whole roll of film of 'nothing' and it cost too much to get it developed. Well I'm still taking pictures of nothing, it doesn't cost anything to develop them now and I'm going to share them with you."

Not only do I love Linda's photos, and the concept of her daily art project, I am delighted and often chagrined to find out that our minds and cameras work so similarly.  When Linda hit her one-year anniversary of the daily photo project two weeks ago, she invited readers to choose their favorite photo of the year and she would send us a print.  As I went back through her year of photos, I noticed how many of hers reminded me of mine. 
Here's your challenge for the day:  decide which pictures were taken by Linda and which by Kathy.  Hint: in each pair, all the ones on the left/top were by the same one of us.


Answers tomorrow, and more about Linda and her photo project.