Friday, August 12, 2011

Looks like a quilt would fit in there...

We're having hardwood floors put in our living room and dining room, after 25 years of wall-to-wall carpet.  Not only are the floors gorgeous, but I realized that the six-foot-long boxes that the wood planks came in are just the right shape to ship a rolled-up quilt.

I saved out several of them for future use.  Many of my quilts need a box even longer than six feet, but I'll be able to put two of these together for extra length. 

When I had to ship my Quilt National piece to Ohio (twice) I had to pay UPS $20 to build a 90-inch box, by taping together two smaller cartons.  And they made a mess of it, so that the wonderful volunteers at QN had to virtually rebuild the box to send the quilt home after photography.  I know I'll be able to do a better job than the klutz at UPS.  Now all I need is for one of the big quilts to get into a show.

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  1. Wouldn't it be great if the shipping fairy came in to do the boxing up? Short of that, we get telescoping boxes from U-line for some of my husband's products. They're kind of pricey, but cheaper than the UPS store and much faster than building your own. And they store flat until you need them.

    Love your new floors.