Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Photo du jour

slippery slope


  1. I'm loving these cold pictures! Are they all your own?

  2. yes -- I went to Antarctica in January.

    All my Photos du Jour are my own -- part of my daily art project. Last year the daily photo was actually taken on that day, but this year I took the pressure off myself and said I just have to post it that day. That opened up all my files for consideration.

    If I were still playing on the old rules, the only way to get a cold photo today would have been to open the freezer.

  3. I already knew that you had a "good eye", but must also have a good camera with a great zoom capability.
    I'm also enjoying your new daily art project. It's one thing to have to come up with a new haiku every day, but to have to pull one from the newspaper, that is a real challenge. Kudos!

  4. Norma -- I have a 7X zoom but we were so close to the penguins that I don't know if I even needed it! I think this photo was taken from a rubber zodiac boat that was cruising about two feet from the ice floe. A great expedition if you want to get up close to your wildlife.