Monday, August 29, 2011

Playing with paper

I attended a great workshop yesterday in which we made all kinds of surfaces on paper with acrylic paint.  We had brushes and rollers to apply the paint and lots of different stencils and resists to make patterns with.  Suzi Zimmerer, a gifted paper artist, was our leader and brought out the best in all of us. 

Among the techniques we learned were crumpling the paper (then you roll paint over the top and it sticks only to the raised "ridgelines" of the paper) and spritzing a fresh coat of paint with water, then blotting it off so you lose color everywhere there was a droplet.  We made stamps out of foam board (think takeout containers or meat trays), either by cutting them or embossing into the surface.

We each came home with a dozen or more sheets of personalized paper.  The problem, always, is what to do with the gorgeous things you make at a workshop...


  1. Looks like fun. Could any of these techniques be used with fabric? Where did you take the workshop?

  2. Lisa -- I think practically every one of these techniques could be used on fabric, although fabric paints work a little different (probably the water-drop-blot wouldn't work) and I don't suppose fabric would hold its crumple fabric the way paper does). Certainly all the stenciling would be just fine on fabric.

    The workshop was given by Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists.

  3. All of these ARE used on fabric. To make fabric hold the crumple, you wet it, wad it up or twist it, stuff it in a piece of old panty hose or something similar, let it dry (takes a very long time), smooth it a little, and paint. You can stitch on it first if you want--or after too.