Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quilt date report

Last year I gave a little tutorial in piecing very fine lines, as a Quilt Date.  Among the readers who sent in photos of their fling with this technique was Linda Laird, who made two pieces.  She wrote me again last week with an update.

"Attached is a photo of my piece 'Calm Down!' that I made last year using a variation of your skinny line piecing technique; I think I wrote you about it back then, because I used bias strips to piece some gentle curves. I made it for a challenge at the open-entry San Diego Quilt Show, where it was pretty much ignored.

"Fast forward to this year: I entered it, and it was accepted into the PAQA-South show...  Long story short -- it sold!!  My first sale!!!  I am still so jazzed!!!  This technique has really resonated with me, and I'm planning something new with it even as I write."

Linda, thanks for sharing this good news.   It's always nice when somebody gets an idea from you and does something good with it.  Kind of like having grandchildren.

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  1. Great piece by Linda, and great attitude of you Kathleen about sharing techniques ! Virtual - cloth - grandchildren !
    (but .... real grandchildren are yet móre fun !)