Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Collaboration 2

Yesterday I showed you the unfinished artwork that I turned in for the collaboration project between older and younger artists.  Here's what happened to my piece after my collaborator, Kelly Rains, worked on it.

Gone were the knife, fork and spoon. Concentric circles in black, white and gray were put over the entire piece, either painted or with loosely attached paper, apparently cut from past art projects.

The character of the work had changed a lot, and my carefully executed collage had gotten a lot more slapdash.

I think the graphic quality of the concentric circles, especially the outer rings on top of the solid colors, is quite attractive and an improvement over the original open  areas.  And I like the cutout arcs, especially those taken from watercolor compositions and lettered on vellum.

But I wish I could have my knife, fork and spoon back.  They could be very happy in another piece of work.


  1. I am a 65 yr old quilt artist and would love to be this loose and creative. I really like what Kelly did with your initial piece. Such freedom .
    Looking at this next genreation is very exciting to see

    pam in sw fl

  2. I think it improved immensely!

  3. It improved immenselly. it is today now

  4. It's more intriguing, but the bullseye in the center changes the whole message. It's now all about ME. There is no interaction between the very insular ME in the center and the ethnic groups.