Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fiber at the Pompidou 2

Moving on to three dimensions, here's a big sculpture by Barry Flanagan, a British artist (1941-2009) most famous for his leaping rabbits in bronze.  But at the start of his career, Flanagan was one of the pioneers in minimalist and conceptual art, experimenting with humble materials such as rope and sticks.

Barry Flanagan, casb 1 '67, 1967 (detail below)

It's basically a canvas sack filled with sand that over the years has sagged and drooped and looks for all the world like a woman wearing a too-tight dress.

Another droopy sculpture:

Marc Couturier, Lin, verre, or, 1988 (Linen, glass, gold)  

Hung rather high on the wall, this sculpture gains immensely from its beautiful shadow.  The bolt or package of fabric perched on top of the glass sags a bit; don't know if it has always been that way or if gravity is having its way...

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