Friday, July 12, 2013

Museums in Paris 9 -- more Americans at the Pompidou

Although there weren't a lot of American painters on view at the Pompidou (still can't believe they don't have a single Rauschenberg on exhibit) they did have a Warhol and a huge Joan Mitchell, both displayed in prime spots, and a whole room full of Ellsworth Kelly.  (The sign pointed out that Kelly participated as a GI in the Normandy invasion, worked in Paris for six years, and was highly influenced by Monet, Matisse and other French artists.  I guess that makes him almost an honorary Frenchman.),

Andy Warhol, Ten Lizes, 1963

Joan Mitchell, Chasse interdite, 1973

Ellsworth Kelly, Kite II, 1952

Ellsworth Kelly, Black White, 1988

Ellsworth Kelly, Yellow Red Curve, 1972

Ellsworth Kelly, Green Relief, 2007 (detail below)

I've written before about my love affair with Ellsworth Kelly, in which I appropriated a motif for a series of quilts.  I have always been drawn to his flat colors and minimal shapes, and it was a fine surprise to find this trove of his work.

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