Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Paris museums 4 -- Matisse and Picasso at Centre Pompidou

In yesterday's post I got us just barely inside the Centre Pompidou, the primary museum of modern and contemporary art in Paris.  The permanent collection starts at the turn of the previous century.  The earliest painting I saw was this very impressionistic Matisse:

Henri Matisse, Pont Saint-Michel, c. 1900

And there were lots more from his later years:

Henri Matisse, Intérieur, bocal de poissons rouges, printemps, 1914

Apologies in advance if some of my photos are off-square or otherwise nasty -- many of them are under glass and I had to shift position to avoid glare.

Henri Matisse, L'algérienne, 1909

Henri Matisse, Figure décorative sur fond ornemental, 1925-6

Cubism isn't my favorite art genre, but the Pompidou had a huge array and I found a lot of intriguing works.  Not so top-heavy on guitars and wine bottles as other cubist collections I've seen elsewhere.

Pablo Picasso, Still Life, 1925

Here's another that I really liked:

Pablo Picasso, Arlequin et femme au collier, 1917

Look at this little guy lurking in the wings at stage right -- I think I may steal his beautifully simplified form for a collage or embroidery sometime.

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