Monday, July 29, 2013

The lamest estate sale ever

Granted, I missed the first two days of this estate sale, so all the good stuff was probably gone.  An old lady in our neighborhood died three years ago and her children decided to wait "till the real estate market came back" before putting the house up for sale.  I visited at the open house and was amazed to find that NOTHING had been cleared out.  For instance, isn't this an appealing closet?

Isn't this an appealing basement?

Homeowner clutter notwithstanding, after a year on the market and several price cuts, it's finally been sold. Now for the estate sale.

Apparently the same minds that decided "hey, Mom's junk is so cool that it won't detract from selling the place" went on to decide "hey, Mom's junk is so cool that people will pay big money for it."

Here are some of the things that somehow had escaped being sold on the first two days.  Can't imagine why.


  1. poor mum, Hope that dosn't happen to me.

  2. Hmm. At first I was going to comment that it was hilarious. Then I read the first comment. Now I say, sad and tacky. Shame on them!

  3. People are weird. And they all seem to think their stuff is gold.

  4. The prices seem high, but I would have been rooting thru that box of little bottles. My brother-in-law collects old airplane items, and would love the Delta booze bottle. If I'm not mistaken, the blue/purple striped bottle in the background is a vintage Yardley's Oh!de London cologne bottle from the 1960s--my signature scent in junior high!