Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fiber at the Pompidou 3

I found prominent fabric in the works of two American pop artists at Centre Pompidou.

First, Claes Oldenburg, enjoying quite the revival this year with two shows at MoMA in New York.  This piece is typical of his construction of everyday objects in droopy fabric but unlike many others you may recall, is done in monochrome canvas.

Claes Oldenburg, Ghost Drum Set, 1972 (details below)

Less known but equally important as a pop art pioneer is Jim Dine, whose most important contribution to popular culture may be that the musical "Hair" took its name from one of his works.  Here's a mixed-media piece with an old pair of pants prominently hanging at one side, the sleeve of an old sweater at the other.

Jim Dine, Putney Winter Heart Number 3 (Garbage Can), 1971-2

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